Lab Rats


The lab rats are a pack of intelligent rats that live in the new house. Their origin is largely unknown but they enjoy spending their time working on experiments. On humans if possible.




Bob is a tentacle that used to live in the fridge. He has since moved on to being a bartender and yoga instructor.



The cultists are an apparent democratic cult that worship whichever elder was voted for. They prefer to spend their time sacrificing.


A super computer hidden in one of the subbasements. Apparently he rebuilt the house and is not subletting the various sub-levels to different groups.




Nismo is a regular tinkerer one of the owners of the house. He got it from his uncle who had a dubious past. Currently he’s dating Chessa and they apparently lived together for the time in between the destruction of the house and it’s return.

Shazram (prime)

The original Shazram, one of the most powerful wizards in the world and one of the apparently rare purple robed class. He was supposedly destroyed when the first house blew up during a battle with the source.

Shazram (clone)


Shazram’s clone is a powerless copy of the original. He has the same personality traits but lacks any of the power to back up his claims. As it stands he’s trying to find his way in the world.



a.k.a. The Norwegian, is a former freelange operative originally hired to keep an eye on the house. These days he moved in and tends to help them out when needed. His allegiance is unknown but seems to have best interests in mind. Probably his own.



An actress of varying success. She started living in the house after befriending Bob and needing a safe place from stalkers. She again moved into the new house.



Manchessa D’viri was brought back after a parallel dimension trip. She used to be a princess of the evil persuasion but tends to spend her days doing other things and dating Nismo. It’s unclear how she spends her time though.