The House Of Madness is a comic of adventure, lasers and eldritch horror. All doused in a heavy layer of humor and snark.

It was originally created in 2005 by JJ Sandee (which is me). Those archives are only partially left as it was rebooted at the end of 2007.

It ran until 2010 when it effectively ended as the author went on a vision quest (it mostly involved lots of reading and procrastinating) in search of other comics. After the world didn’t end in December 2012 I decided that this comic was the one to continue. With a soft reboot it came back bringing back the cast it was on for more adventures updated five times a week.

We follow the adventures of the inhabitants of a strange house where normal things don’t happen very often. Of course with such a house its inhabitants aren’t exactly run of the mill either.

In 2014 partly due to accidental writing the human characters were all out of the house. It was discovered that those left behind made for more interesting writing. As a result the Rats and Cultists have move to the foreground and are now the primary characters in this comic.