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Last week was a bit of a mess in terms of work and planning. And I tend to create these comics on a per week basis with currently no buffer.

I also don’t like rushing out a bunch of comic just for the sake of having comics out, I’d rather take some extra time to make them better.

This trend will no doubt continue for the forseeable future in terms of some weeks not having comics. Once work stabilizes I should be able to start getting more consistent.

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Given that the comic is now on a slightly more random updating schedule where I aim for once a week. It’s understandable that knowing ‘when’ there will be a comic can be tricky to keep track of. But never fear for there is social media where you can keep track of the updates as well.




New comics are automatically published when there’s an update. Also if you like a comic don’t forget to share. I may do this as a hobby, but I do aim to entertain a lot of people.

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So my good friend Jules Faulkner is cancelling her Patreon as her book deal wasn’t going through and she needs to focus on other things.

This got me thinking as well. Besides my shoulder giving me problems (nothing permanent just a temporary nuisance), I haven’t exactly posted a lot on the patreon campaign, or in general done a lot of work on growing my audience.

Now this is mostly my responsibility but it’s also a matter of priorities. The comics aren’t making me money, which is fine, but the patreon gives me the idea that it should. Meanwhile I’m getting a lot of freelance work in the webdevelopment world which is keeping things afloat.

Given that I’m hardly giving my patrons anything extra, I want to sort remove the pressure for myself off of comics. Basically if it’s not making any money then I can sort of mess around with different things and experiment. Rather than feel forced into things.

I realize this is a very artsy way to go about it, but I really don’t care. Even disregarding that, I need to work on an audience before I hold out my hand asking for a tip. Even if Patreon is slightly different than just donations.

So the patreon account is going to close down. But I will still continue to make comics (as soon as my shoulder allows it). Just at a different pace.

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So there’s a tiny muscle in my shoulder that’s giving me grief. I did do ‘some’ drawing, but basically any time I move my arm too much it’ll start hurting if I make a wrong move. This muscle is in my drawing shoulder. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure if I keep drawing the time it’ll take to heal will extend.

For now I’m taking a break from drawing until my arm heals up to a point I draw without further damage. I don’t enjoy this, though since I can still type safely I’ll be using this time to probably work on some writing related to the comics for when I get back to drawing.

I do hope to be back to proper drawing soon though.

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I’ve been working on comics since around 2005 and I really did start with a dream of doing it full time. Never really did manage that yet.

However, for the past ten years I haven’t exactly lived in a financially great state. I couldn’t complain, but I also had no financial buffer. Given that last year we bought a house which are currently living in, I’ve decided to focus more on generating a stable income. Which is currently done through freelance development jobs.

The good news is, work is great. Have a whole bunch of solid projects lined up that might result in me splurging for 4-ply toiletpaper at some point.

The bad news is, programming work requires a lot of mental energy. It also require a sort of mental shift and state of mind. The result is that making comics on a day I’m also coding is challenging.

Now this isn’t a blog post where I’m breaking up with comics. It’s just more a matter of me needing to focus on priorities. I will keep making comics in one form or another.

I will update Cult of Bob as often as I humanly can and Shazram will also get a continuation. Cult of Bob will however move to a Tuesday update as my weekends keep getting swamped with other stuff.

However, everything will be on a small burn, I recommend using one of the social media outlets to keep track of updates. I’ve also taken down the store as it wasn’t actually selling anything and I really can’t spare the time to work on that. There are still some Mummy and Lab Rat shirts left so if you contact me directly we can probably arrange something.

Beyond that any sort of new merchandise will be put up on Society6 or something similar.

So yeah, long story short. There will still be comics as I manage to make them.

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